Why Choose Us?


GENUINE CARE – Providing genuine care and building meaningful relationships is important to us. Our staff is friendly and prides itself in great customer service. We believe you will feel the difference right away.

QUALITY – We consistently strive to deliver the highest quality work, that is why we stand behind our services with a workmanship guarantee. Dr. Ferdkoff and his staff are experienced dentists and have been trained in the latest technologies. They value integrity and build relationships on trust.

CONVENIENCE – Extended hours, a convenient location and comprehensive services save you time and worry. We are easy to get to, we try to work around your schedule and provide the services you need under one roof. You’re busy, we can help.

TECHNOLOGY – We understand that technology means more accurate diagnoses, improves treatments and speeds recovery. This is why we invest in the latest technology including laser dentistry. This is another way to show we care about our patients.

UNDERSTANDING – We start by taking the time to really listen to you and your needs. We also empower you to make confident decisions in your oral health through meaningful patient education. We believe all meaningful relationships are a result of genuine understanding.

Our Values

Customer Care

Make an effort to understand what the patient really wants and be genuinely concerned for their well being and comfort.

Well-Trained & Experienced Staff

True competency is a result of continuing education; always seek to be learning and improving.


Follow technical and ethical standards; act in a courteous and businesslike manner.